Katy Beveridge





Free Data Boosts from EE essentially make your phone plan into a video game, but one that you're always winning. For real.

The longer you keep playing the more bonuses levels you get - and the only way is up. 

I plan to explain the awesomeness of Free Data Boosts through the metaphor of video games. 

All ladders and no snakes

For me the coolest thing about Free Data Boosts is the fact that the benefit is compound - it's like you're growing every month, your curating your plan to suit you. Most reward schemes or loyalty programs allow you to 'cash in' your loyalty but then you're back to square one. I love the idea that you don't 'use up' your reward, that it essentially is like a new level that you've hit, you're only going upwards! 

So, I want to explain this through the visual metaphor of video games. For example each monthly top-up would be represented as a gold coin, hit three gold coins and 







It all started when...

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