The Joy Of Living x GF Smith

I was invited, along with 100 other selected artists, to create a piece for The Joy Of Living Exhibition, to raise money for Maggies Cancer Centres. 

GF Smith sent each artist 3 colourful A4 sheets of paper, the challenge was to make your piece from just the three sheets. 

My bird was made of over 300 tiny feathers, each glued by hand. 

He is a fully articulated animation model. 

The auction of the artworks raised over £40K for Maggies. 


Papier BTS


In December we were invited to create this little animation for Twitter. Shot at Nan Studios where I am based in East London. Thanks to Ellie Shepard for the hands and Elena Horn for the set! 


Last Saturday, the 15th of April, we hosted an Easter Animation workshop / social at my studio in East London. We had a bunch of lovely people show up for for drinks and drawing. After a brief talk on the history of this kind of animation each person was given two frames to 'tween' resulting in one long collective animation. For those of you asking when the next one will be please sign up to the 'Workshops' mailing list below. 


Some select photos, click to the right to scroll through




The collaborative animation.

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The Making Of: The Bauble Bomb

For Christmas every year I get invited to make the animated christmas card for my wonderful agency, Image Partnership. Here is a little, very rough ''making-of'' which I filmed with on my iPhone, just walking through the various different steps / software involved. 

Selfridges; A Tale Of Enchanting Beauty, The Making Of

A short video created by Becca Cross, of Selfridges, of the Selfridges Christmas series I directed in 2014. The project was a mixture of Stop Motion animation and CGI. Shot in Stockholm Sweden, with the fabulous multi talented team from Brikk handling the production and all stop motion shot at Studio Surdeg.