Selfridges, A Tale of Enchanting Beauty
Role: Director Series of 12 animations featuring Selfridges' range of exclusive Christmas Beauty offers. The production used a mixture of stop motion...
Role: Director ARTSCAPE 2014 is an international street art festival taking place in Malmö, Sweden this year. As part of the festival we were invited to...
Katy är nu i Sverige
Role: Director / Animator A short animation to announce my arrival in Sverige consisting of a couple of my favourite new finds. Click on the images below to...
The Bicycle Animation
Role: Director The Bicycle Animation was my first experiment in animation and was met with viral success. My research initially explored how many fine...
Toyota, Stories Of Better
Role: Set Artist Directors: SumoScience Art Director: Mandy Smith Production Company: BlinkInk Studio: Clapham Road Some shots from the Stories Of Better...
Eizo, Christmas Animation
Role: Director / Animator Short animated Christmas greeting from Eizo. Shot at Studio Surdeg in Stockholm.
Role: Set Artist Client: National Geographic Directors: Hoku & Adam Production Company: Partizan London
Role: Set Artist Production Company: Partizan London Art Director: Mandy Smith Director:Geoffroy De Crecy
Marilyn Myller
Production Company: BlinkInk Director: Mikey Please Role: Set Artist and Model Maker
In the summer of 2013 I was selected as one of Selfridges Bright Young Things; celebrating the best of Young British Design Talent. For this I created 3 giant...
Churchill Hotel, Montague Restaurant
Based on the collective mathematics of a flock of starlings “Murmuration” celebrates the natural order that can be found in what appears to be chaos. In...
Secret Garden Party 2013
The Street was a site specific installation built by myself and Fernando Laposse for Secret Garden Party 2013 Each house was hand made, and internally lit...
Role: Set Designer Production Company: Thelma Och Louise Directors: Daniel Moll och Simon Vahlne Bring TVC from Thelma/Louise on Vimeo.
Littlewoods Christmas
Production Company: Partizan Director: Michael Gracey Client: Littlewoods UK Role: Set Artist for props
Role: 3D Replacement Model Build Production Company: Partizan London Director: Matthias Hoene